Guidlines to contributors of full-text presentations

The full text paper shall be submitted for publication in the Conference Proceedings
before July 30, 2002 via e-mail at:
( with copies to and )

Presentation title (in 14-point bold type, all caps, flush left).
Author(s) name(s), complete affiliations, postal address and e-mail address (flush left).
Electronic Submission. Authors should send the text and artwork (formulas, figures and tables) of their manuscript in the electronic form ( in limits of 10 pages for printing). The electronic version can be generated in Microsoft Word ( preferably versions Word 97 and " higher" or 6.0) for Windows in .rtf format using zip - archiving. PDF and Postscript files may be submitted and useful for preparation of printed Proceedings, but only as additional to Word files.
Optimal placement for a figure or table is directly in the text, the top or bottom of a page copy.
Incomplete pages are not desirable .

Formulas, Latin and Greek letters at the text should be set in bold 14-point single-spaced italics.
Examples of a program code are typed by a regular font (12-point).
References must be cited in the text by indicating the numbers in square brackets.
The references should appear at the end of your manuscript without mentioning "References".

Your type area should be organized as follows:
  - paper size - A4 210 x 297 ;
  - margins: top, bottom, left, right - 2.5 cm;
  - colontituls - 1.5 cm;
  - book orientation;
  - Times New Roman of 14-point type should be used;
  - 1-line space;
  - the right margin of the text should be justified;
  - the first line of each paragraph must be indented 1.5 cm.

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